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ZAYD ABDUL-KARIM: July Consultant of the Month

SAA Network Consultant of the Month
May 2009

by Sharon Armstrong, owner
Sharon Armstrong and Associates

Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim brings widely acclaimed expertise in the training and psychology of effective self-leadership and conscious thinking—ho w great leaders think. Dr. Zayd is an Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Author of four books on personal transformation. He is a Catalyst for Growth and Inner Peace and is affectionately called “Dr. Z.” His life mission is to serve the purpose of Releasing Inner Power for Balance, Happiness, and Peace.

What qualifies Dr. Z to be known as the “Voice of Self-Leadership?” He was a troubled inner-city teen whose fears led him to adopt self-destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that held him back. He learned how to transform himself from fear, abusive behaviors, and mediocrity to love, inner healing and excellence. He lives to teach and give testimony to the power of mercy and self-leadership. Dr. Z raises consciousness and ignites constructive energy through coaching, keynote speeches, company workshops, public seminars, tele-seminars, and weekend boot camps.

At the brink of failure and flunking out of college, Zayd developed a system to overcome fear through courage, faith and persistence. Now he holds a doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education/Human Resource Development from Virginia Tech. He has facilitated learning and development sessions with many thousands of people throughout his career. For over 15 years, Dr. Z has served as part-time faculty in three universities: Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University; University of Maryland University College; and National-Louis University.

A motivational coach, acclaimed leadership educator and author, Dr. Z’s groundbreaking programs and presentations explore how exceptional leaders translate their formative experiences into powerful habits of mind that guide their approach to leadership and change in their lives. This approach can be applied by anyone wanting to improve their life.

He is a superb speaker on personal transformation, self-leadership and managing change in work and life, with a strongly positive message. Dr. Z’s fresh strategies and entertaining style involve each participant in identifying the source and foundations of their unique leadership. He offers a FREE 45-minute seminar that is ideal for staff meetings, all-hands meetings, or “lunch and learn” sessions.

To hire Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim to help your company, contact Sharon Armstrong and Associates.

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HR Consultants to the Rescue

MEREDITH PERSILY LAMEL: February Consultant of the Month

Are you tired of a one-size-fits-all coach or consultant? Do you like your thought partners to embed themselves in your business and understand your unique organizational challenges? If so, MEREDITH PERSILY LAMEL, M.B.A., A.C.C. is the right consultant, coach, or trainer for you! Meredith is known for performing deep inquiry into her clients’ leadership and business challenges and then co-developing a clear path forward for them and their organization. She has worked across the public, private and nonprofit sectors and often applies her expertise to industries that cross the public and private sectors. She designs and delivers solutions that include individual and team coaching, 360 assessments, culture surveys, appreciative inquiry, action learning, custom leadership courses, strategic planning facilitation, and teambuilding activities.

If you need quick and competent HR Consultants, OD Specialists, Trainers, Coaches, or Keynote Speakers, let us help.

Advice from Barbara & Sharon

Career Corner: What is the best way to explain a gap in your resume?

by Sharon Armstrong
owner, Sharon Armstrong and Associates
author, The Essential HR Handbook
January 2010

In the last issue of Career Corner, I asked for feedback from readers who had questions about any question they had regarding looking for a new job. Among them was “How should one effectively use social media in a job search?”

Here are a few more questions that intrigued me, and hopefully will provide some great insight for job seekers. Please keep them coming!

And this just in: My questions are being published on a new online magazine for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs called Be Inkandescent. Check it out! Who knows — your next question just might be posted on it. Send any career-related to me at Sharon@SharonArmstrongAndAssociates.com.

Question: What is the best way to explain a gap in your resume – meaning if you have been out of work for a period of time, due to whatever reason, how best to illustrate that?