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MICHAEL CISZEWSKI: March 2009 Consultant of the Month

SAA Network Consultant of the Month
March 2008

by Sharon Armstrong, owner
Sharon Armstrong and Associates

We are in a new era. The time when progress came through fragmented, disjointed activity is over; what is called for now is a new focus on connection and integration.

With 25 years of global experience, MICHAEL CISZEWSKI has learned a great deal about what it takes to move individuals and groups into a much more productive, integrated way of working. To develop leadership capabilities and find solutions to their toughest challenges.

He has helped clients combine business units; turn complexity into a competitive advantage; manage all types of change; and shift from a reactive, transactional way of operating to one that is more client-centered and partnership-oriented.

At the heart of this work is discovering connections — talking and thinking together to innovate and create breakthroughs.

Michael brings his unique background and approach to team development so that his clients can build their own paths to the futures they envision. Through each interaction he is seeking to:

1. Create clarity: vision, purpose, direction, goals, roles, relationships, outcomes, results.
2. Increase commitment: to results, to the organization, to one another.
3. Improve communication: by enhancing trust, respect, feedback.

To hire Michael to help your company, contact Sharon Armstrong and Associates.

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November/December 2014, Administrative EyecareAdministrative Eyecare magazine reprinted the article, “Workplace Wellness Programs,” in its Nov./Dec. 2014 issue. Administrative Eyecare is an award-winning magazine, published by the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators, that focuses on the business of ophthalmology. The article originally appeared as “Wellness Programs” in The Essential HR Handbook, published in 2008 by Career Press.

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ANNIE SCHEPPACH: January Consultant of the Month

ANNIE SCHEPPACH, MS, CHHC, feels that there is no asset more important than health for organizations and their valued employees. Because the epidemic of chronic diseases and costs associated with these conditions continue to rise and since most of these conditions are generally preventable and reversible, Annie, gently, with humor and warmth, expertly guides and inspires her audience to make choices that lay the foundation for their own health. To share her extensive knowledge about healthy living, based upon 22 years of study after her own wake-up call while she was serving on the executive staff of a large organization, is a major life purpose.

If you need quick and competent HR Consultants, OD Specialists, Trainers, Coaches, or Keynote Speakers, let us help.

Advice from Barbara & Sharon

Career Corner: What is the best way to explain a gap in your resume?

by Sharon Armstrong
owner, Sharon Armstrong and Associates
author, The Essential HR Handbook
January 2010

In the last issue of Career Corner, I asked for feedback from readers who had questions about any question they had regarding looking for a new job. Among them was “How should one effectively use social media in a job search?”

Here are a few more questions that intrigued me, and hopefully will provide some great insight for job seekers. Please keep them coming!

And this just in: My questions are being published on a new online magazine for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs called Be Inkandescent. Check it out! Who knows — your next question just might be posted on it. Send any career-related to me at Sharon@SharonArmstrongAndAssociates.com.

Question: What is the best way to explain a gap in your resume – meaning if you have been out of work for a period of time, due to whatever reason, how best to illustrate that?